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What is boardcode?

Boardcode are special tags that will allow you to format your messages. Currently, Joomlaboard supports links, bold, italic, bold, "quoted" text, img, size, list and colored text.
The tags are used as follows:

[img=150]link to image[/img]will produce a image with a width off 150 pixels.
Please remember you can go to a maximum width of 499 pixels.
[li]item 1[/li]
[li]item 2[/li]
[li]item 3[/li]
  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3
[li]item 1[/li]
[li]item 2[/li]
[li]item 3[/li]
  1. item 1
  2. item 2
  3. item 3
//Some code here
while ($adversary=='Neo'){ fork(agent_Smith);} ?>

//Some code here
while ($adversary=='Neo'){ fork(agent_Smith);}

About the Forum Component

This forum is based on the Simpleboard Forum originally written by Josh Levine.
It has been extended, enhanced and integrated as a Joomla component by Jan de Graaff.
Please visit the home of the Forum Component at the Two Shoes M-Factory website.

The TSMF Team

The Joomlaboard development team consists of:
Jan de Graaff (also Project Admin), Tomislav Ribicic, Arno Zijlstra, Niels Vandekeybus, Iosif Chatzimichail, Jon Langevin, Kathy Strickland and Thomas Despoix.

Special Thanks:

Toni Brännlund::For helping me out with the Two Shoes Module Factory website.
Phil Taylor::For helping me out with some of the basics of component writing.
Andrew Eddie::For giving me a jumpstart on rewriting the Admin Area as a MOS compliant backend.
Andrew Fletcher::For helping me out with the Review code and the Language Support.
Dave McDonnell::For helping us out with the Safe Mode problems we had.
Jick::For giving a great start on the Discuss Mosbot.
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